About Terry

31 years PADI Dive Professional 1988-2020

Terry Moore PADI MSDT 101658 has been diving since 1983. He was addicted to diving from the beginning and within 5 years he had dived most states in Australia before getting certified as a PADI Divemaster in 1988. As a new PADI professional Terry continued his travels around Australia and eventually 9 years later became certified  PADI Open Water Diving Instructor in 1997 on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. As a brand new PADI instructor Terry worked in the offshore live aboard dive industry with www.mikeball.com as the resident Underwater Photo/Video Pro, diving the outer Great Barrier Reef, the world famous S.S. Yongala wreck and the Coral Sea. He has shot, edited and produced hundreds of underwater short documentaries of the passengers enjoying their 3 day - 7 day extended trips and taught UW Photography, and other specialty courses to those who wanted them. Terry has worked as a Photo Video Pro for Peter Hughes Diving in Belize C.A. and on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. He has dived Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Palau, Truk Lagoon and numerous places throughout the Caribbean. Terry has in excess of 3000 dives under his belt in all water conditions such as rivers, lakes, ponds, sink holes, caverns, ocean, and shore diving. Pretty much dived wherever there was water deep enough to dive in.

Terry filming sharks "Scuba Zoo" Coral Sea
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions
Photo/ Video Pro