Super Macro photography is about taking amazing images of anything you can fill your frame with at greater than 1:1 up to 1:5 or more. Unlike standard Macro photography Super Macro requires a greater investment in equipment  to capture what standard Macro can not. This special kind of photography will  challenge you like no other. The extra equipment and dealing with the smallest Depth of Field (DOF) Currents, surge and even the most calmest conditions will tax you. But if you can overcome them you will capture amazing images of the most intricate details of any critter you shoot. Plus you will capture images of one thing only to find out later while looking at the image on the big screen other critters you were unable to see through your lens


Super Macro Photography Workshop is structured to the individual requiring training.


Required Equipment

* You must have a SLR system and Macro lens of 1:1 or better.

* You must have either wet or dry diopters, Teleconverters or specialty lenses with the appropriate ports

*Focus Light

Required Skills

Must be an advanced diver, or higher rated, or 50 dives or more

This workshop is customized to your needs and experience level. It is important to know this is not a course but a training workshop. No certifications are given to you at the completion of this workshop.

Learning about Macro photography up to 1:1 magnification. We start with the basics and moves through a series of steps to conclude with actually shooting macro imagery in a way that protects the critters, environment and you from damage.

Topics Covered

1. Be a diver first

2. Know your equipment

3. Protecting you and the environment

4. Buoyancy - Neutral, or Negative

5. Macro Etiquette

6. Animal Behavior

7. Composition

8. Lighting - Standard, Snoots, Focus Lights

Then off to the pool for one dive to bring it all together.

Add on option

If you want we can then head to the lake to do an open water dive to finish up your workshop.

Cost is dependent on what training options you want to complete and will be discussed with you upon booking.